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Web Application Installer

All our web hosting packages come with a free-of-charge one-click Web Application Installer tool, which you can use to activate many popular web applications. It is extremely easy to use - you can launch your online journal, forum, Content Management System-based website, online photo album or online shop with just a click of the mouse and you don't need to possess any technical skills.

With the free-of-charge single-click web applications installer, you will save both time and cash.




The world's most popular blog publishing platform comes pre-installed and pre-configured with each hosting plan.



An advanced tool for creating e-shops, with more than 275 useful built-in features.



Turn-key e-store. With a lot of web designs at hand, you can quickly launch your e-store.



A feature-rich web content management software application with an accent on aesthetics and efficacy.



A famous CMS app with numerous add-ons, and a very active community.



A free-of-charge course management system, perfect for tutors. It permits anyone to set up an online teaching web site.



An advanced CRM application, which can help you increase your sales and expand your business.



The most famous application for administering real estate portals, supported by a large and devoted community.